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SpecWare 9

SpecWare 9

Product Introduction:

The award-winning SpecWare software has a convenient interface that provides key information to producers and researchers, and draws charts with a simplified interface. Set sensor alarms for frost damage, rainfall, or other conditions to call mobile phones or pagers, and input data files by more applications. Save your customized important reports.

Spec 9 Pro is the best tool for producers, researchers or other users to get the best data at the right time.

Product Specifications :

* Download information from

* Sensor can be calibrated, enter calibration value, Spec 9 Pro will apply it before saving this data

* Graph on-the-fly with an interactive graphing window.

* Can create, customize and archive important report formats or choose from 13 standard reports

* Add optional insect and disease models to forecast pest pressures and reduce pesticide costs. Produce reports with graphs for each pest.

* Set sensor alarms that call your phone for frost, rainfall and other conditions.

* Automate logger downloads with wireless or directly connected stations. Generate scheduled log files for data-to-web applications or create an XML file that can be posted on the web.

* Find and use data easily with an open file management system. All logger data is stored in one file per month, simplifying data sharing and exporting.

* International features include handling date, time and numbers with regional formats, setting English or other languages, and Metric or US measurements.


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