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Laboratory Shaker (Vertical & Horizontal Shaking)_SA Series

Product name:Laboratory Shaker (Vertical & Horizontal Shaking)
Product specifications:MODEL: SA Series:SA300/320/400

The SA300 achieves two-dimensional shaking, horizontally or vertically, while the SA320 enables rotary shaking that yields a higher shaking effect. The SA400 is a double-sided vertical shaking type. 

The main unit themselves shake vertically, but it can be laid on their side so that they shake horizontally.

The various holders can be easily attached and removed, and are extremely durable.

The SA400 is a double-sided vertical shaker and its 1 liter liquid load holder can shake 6 sample holders simultaneously.

With the adoption of a spare direct-flow motor, the SA400 can generate stable shaking frequencies and high-torque shaking power.

Though compact, it is equipped with added weight (10kg for one side).

Easy-to-use dial settings for shaking frequency, and digital displays. Possible to switch between timer operation and continuous operation.

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