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Hand held dissolved oxygen_DO-31P

Hand held dissolved oxygen_DO-31P

Product name:Hand held dissolved oxygen
Product specifications:MODEL:DO-31P

-Measuring Method: Membrane type galvanic cell method

-Display: Custom LCD

-Meas. Range: 

[If standard membrane is used] 

DO: 0-20.00mg/L

Saturation rate: 0-200%

Temperature: 0-50.0℃

[If high concentration membrane is used] 

DO: 0-50.0mg/L

Saturation rate: 0-500%

Temperature: 0-50.0℃

-Display Range: 

[If standard membrane is used] 

DO: 0-22.00mg/L

Saturation rate: 0-220%

[If high concentration membrane is used] 

DO: 0-55.0mg/L

Saturation rate: 0-550%

Temperature: -5-110.0℃

-Repeatability (Main unit):  

 [If standard membrane is used] 

DO: ±0.03mg/L

Saturation rate: ±2%

[If high concentration membrane is used]

DO: ±0.2mg/L

Saturation rate: ±2%

Temperature: ±0.2℃

Temperature compensation: Auto

Calibration: Zero/span calibration

Temperature Calibration: One-point calibration

Correction function (Called by Key Input): Salinity correction Atmospheric pressure correction

Data Memory: 1000 data points

Auto Hold Function: Provided (Stability  threshold  : Fixed)

Clock Function: Provided (To be shown while conducting a measurement)

Interval Memory Function: Provided (Interval: The interval can be specified between 1 sec.-99 min. 59 sec. or 2 sec.-99hr. 59 min.)

Printing Function: Can connect the external printer EPS-P30 (option)

RS-232C Interface (non-isolated):

 +Connectable Devices: PC or external printer EPS-P30 (option)

 +Communication Specifications: Communication system: Start-stop synchronous method; Baud rate: 19,200 bps;

 Character length: 8 bits; Parity: None; Stop bit: 1 bit

Analog Output (non-isolated): 

 +Number of Outputs/Items: ch1: Number of outputs : 2 Measured value and temperature

 +Output Specification: DO/saturation rate: 0-1V FS (each range); Temperature: 0-1 V (0-100℃)

Waterproof Construction: IP67 (Enabled if the sensor is connected and if the external I/O portions are masked) (Can be immersed in water for 1m and 30 min.)

Performance Compensation Temperature: 0-45℃

Power Source: AA alkaline battery/nickel-hydrogen battery (2 pieces) or special AC adapter (6VA option)

Power Consumption(If 3 volt battery is used)*2: Approx. 0.014W

Battery Life: Approx. 400hours

Outside Dimensions: Approx. 68 (w) x 35 (h) x 173  (d)  mm

Mass (Including Batteries): Approx. 280g


+ Main unit

+ DO Sensor: OE-270AA

+ Hand strap: 0TZ00006

+ AA Battery (2pcs)

+ Manual

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