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Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation)

Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation)Water purifier (Auto Still series)_WGH201

Product name:Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation)Water purifier (Auto Still series)
Product specifications:MODEL: WGH201


WGH201 produces High purity water (Resistivity 18 ohm or mỏe, Level JIS A4/ASTM D1193 Type1) continously of both Deionized and Distilled water kept in a 30L storage tank


Membrane filter and Distilled water circulation system.

Easy-to-use tray for product water intake (with drainage).
Multifunctional control and display panel.
Feed and drain can be connected on both sides and install anywhere.
Easy maintenance as most consumables can be easily attached and detached.

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Water quality of distilled water

Normal water: JIS K 0557 A4 After manual refreshing: ASTM D1193 Type1

Water quality of deionized water

JIS K0557 A4

Collection of of distilled water

Pretreatment Cartridge ⇒ Ion Exchange ⇒ Distillation ⇒ Tank ⇒ Ion Exchange ⇒ High Purity Cartridge ⇒ Filtration, Automatic Circulation (Can also be Manual Circulation)

Collection of deionized water

Pretreatment cartridge ⇒ Ion exchange ⇒ Filtration

Water quality performance (comparison resistance value)

Distilled high-purity water: 18 MΩ · cm or more, Deionized water: approx. 18 MΩ · cm, Distilled water: approx. 1.0 MΩ · cm

Production volume of distilled water

Approx. 1.5L/h

Pure water collected and Sampling volume

Distilled high-purity water : Approx. 0.9 L / min, Deionized water: approx. 1.0 L / min

Setting range of water sampling capacity

0.1 ~ 26L Quantitative water samping / continuous water sampling


Left/Right connection method / Hose connection

Pretreatment cartridge

0.1μm diameter hollow fiber + Activated carbon

Ion-exchange resin cartridge

Ion-exchange (CPC-S) 4L x 1

Distilled high purity water cartridge

CPC-S 4L、CPC-H 3L x 1

Final filtration

0.1 μm membrane filter

Distilled water storage tank capacity

30L polyethylene tank

Distilled water storage tank sterilization lamp

UV sterilizing lamp for distilled water

Product water intake tray

Drawer type, Load capacity 10 kg

Multipurpose distilled water sampling port

Hose attached with coupler (used as tank water sampling / drainage)

External dimensionsW×D×H mm


Power Source

AC115 / 220V 
Single phase with step-down transformer




Feed/Drain water hose, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge , Membrane filter

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