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SPECTRUM IPM Scope, Model:2860

SPECTRUM IPM Scope, Model:2860

Product introduction:

The IPM Scope combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope and imaging software package. Zoom in on fine details of plant disease symptoms, or insects. Instead of straining to look into a tiny eyepiece, place the IPM Scope over the leaf and view the magnified image right on your computer screen.

Main function: Mainly used to magnify to observe and analyze the harmful effects of diseases that insects damage leaves, stems, ... ,display magnified images on the connected computer screen. Mainly used in biology, plant pathology, plant protection, horticultural preservation and other fields. Especially suitable for multimedia teaching in the field.


  • View live images on the computer screen
  • Measures 40X and 140X magnification
  • Completely portable when connected to a laptop computer
  • Add labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale
  • Draw directly on the live image


Image Sensor



640 x 480

Light Source

super-bright LEDs

@ 40X

7.5 x 10mm

@ 140X

1.8 x 2.5mm


4 microns @ 140x magnification

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