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Multi-mode embedding machine

Multi-mode embedding machine

Model: TNM-AX6 Series


APPLICATION: The TNM-AX6 multi-mode embedding machine finds extensive applications in fields such as materials science, metallurgy, quality control, environmental science, medical research, and more. It offers high efficiency, versatile functionality, practical design, and wide-ranging usability.

  • Efficiency Prerequisite

Multi-mode embedding machine TNM-AX6 Series is a powerful hot mounting machine that can compeleted 6 molding samples at the same time. For one process, it takes about only 15 minutes for 6 samples to produce.

  • One-Click Sample Preparation

In hot embedding, precise control of pressure and temperature is crucial to minimize shrinkage and ensure proper edge retention. The TNM series, including the AX6, is designed with automated processes, reducing human errors and ensuring consistent metallographic sample preparation for accurate analysis and testing.

  • Six Samples in One:

Feature optimizes your production efficiency and reduces embedding time in limited workspace. Compared to the existing old-fashioned, inefficient, and bulky embedding machines on the market, it can achieve multiple times the output within the same space.

  • High Reliability and Efficiency

The high reliability hot embedding machine is designed for multi-shift working environments and undergoes rigorous testing under extreme conditions, simulating the largest embedding laboratories in the world. It exhibits high reliability in continuous usage.

  • Mold and Tool Storage Space

Convenient storage space is provided for mold heads and daily sample preparation tools. The panel operation is user-friendly, with a simple interface to minimize errors and ensure sample preparation quality. It is ready to use upon power-up without any waiting time. It enables quick and effective training for new employees.

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