Product Introduction Product Introduction

FO Series 1.5 to 9L

Standard Electric Furnace_ FO series

Product name:Standard Electric Furnace
Product specifications:MODEL: FO series-FO100/FO200/FO300/FO/310/FO410/FO510/FO610/FO710/FO810

Programmable muffle furnace with varying internal capacity.

High precision temperature control.

Easy up/down key setting.

Digital display of setting temperature and indicator value.

Digital setting of overheat protection.

R thermocouple temp. sensor for long service life.

Equipped with exhaust port.

Safety device includes self-diagnosis functions and overcurrent electric leakage breaker.

Option for system upgrade such as air exhaust device, sample tray, N2 introduction device with flow meter and temp. output  terminal.

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